Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Guy who wants a Ferrari

Nope. This post has nothing to do with Robin Sharma or his famous book "The Monk who sold His Ferrari".

This post is about me, obviously.

We bought a new car recently. Well, not a new one. It's an used car. So, we bought an old car recently and my Dad drives it around at times, as he has learned car driving recently by joining a driving school. Ever since this incident, many people, ranging from relatives to almost strangers, urging me to start (learning to) driving too.

Car driving is a necessary skill in this world, I would agree. Although there may be an ounce of fear in me, regarding driving, that is not the reason for my hesitation in learning to drive. I just have some other line of thought in my mind.

It's nothing big. I want to drive a Ferrari as my first car. Till that I want to remain car-virgin. Nothing wrong with that, I hope?!

Let's see how long this promise/dream holds.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There's something about Textbooks

Have you ever experienced this? The exams are coming, probably, you have searched and found your Textbooks, and after possible amount of procrastination you open it and read a few lines. Suddenly you're overcome by the neediness to put down the book and go to sleep? It doesn't really matter what time of the day it is.

So, there's obviously something about Textbooks. I don't really experience the same when I start reading something which has no relation to my studies. Maybe someone ought to do research on this "Textbook Sleep Syndrome".

Concentration is Interest; And Interest is Everything.


Nature Plotting Against You

Don't you hate it when it happens? When nature is interfering in your path and interrupting your actions.

Like Today when I was riding on my bike, at well past the average speed, suddenly an insect fell inside my eye. I had to stop my travel, carefully, and sort it out by taking the insect out and giving my boot to it.

Similar stuff has happened to me a lot. It's like the insects plot this stuff, by nature's way.

Once, a two minute rain changed the course of my life, I think, for the worse.

Sometimes the ray of luck may shine on you, but mostly it's your own actions and correct reactions that will ensure your unaltered journey towards success.